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Unless they specify to do a theme I think you’d be much better just choosing your best pieces!

Heyyy, thank you! Berlin sounds amazing, that would be so cool. I found putting my portfolio together really tricky. I think put in whatever you feel shows your strengths and your style. And also put in what you’re happiest with and feel you can talk about if you get an interview. Maybe include some sketches and works in progress too to show how you work.

I love your animations you’ve just posted, try and put them on disc/USB if they let you so you can show them. And telling them you have a blog you regularly post too will really impress them too.

Illustration and visual communication is super good, I’m sure you’ll love it, it’s so versatile. Let me know how you get on and if you have any other questions!

Oh thank you! I should be saying thanks for following me. I love your art, it’s so whimsical and cute and I adore your red riding hood :)

Haha! I’m from Sheffield so the move was quite big for me. Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester are meant to be good fun. Let me know where you end up deciding :)

Heyy! No problem at all. I’m studying in London at the University of Westminster. I think to choose a university make sure you go to an open day so you get a feel of the atmosphere and the course tutors. For me I love the relaxed vibes at my campus and how we can do a lot of creative collaborations with other courses like music students. I also think the city you go to is key, for me london is amazing because it’s full of galleries , an amazing night life and good music and interesting people. Also look for a course that has opportunities to work with actual illustrators and do work experience.
Basically, just do your research because you don’t want to be stuck somewhere you don’t like! I hope this helps, you’ll be amazing. I love love love your art.
Sending you happiness and creative vibes xxx

This borderline

Between your heart and mine

Crumbles with the first light of morning

And we can see clearly

Through the tangle of sheets

Once a cocoon

Now a straitjacket holding us

in this awkward reality

Choke down a coffee and avoid your eyes

I’ll be leaving now


Thank you so much! This means a lot. I know I’m awful at updating this blog but uni is super busy. Sending you peace and love xxx

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